PTAG Single Member Services

Why join A wonderful organization such as the PTAG? 

As important as the benefits and discounts that come with a membership, it’s being part of a strong, growing, and collaborative network of transportation professionals that have made a commitment to serve, protect, advocate and educate current and former trucking professionals and transportation organizations. Sign up here and be a part of the Professional Truckers Association Group. 


The benefit of being a member of the PTAG organization involves supporting and participating in our awesome community.  As a member, you are not only a vital part of our efforts to educate and train our unfortunate homeless veterans, but you'll also receive many great benefits. Whether you are looking to educate, train, organize, volunteer, participate or just support the growth of the PTAG organization, there is a membership level designed for you. If you would love to sign up for a free membership then simply sign up here

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PTAG member benefits :

  1. Business Marketing Services: Available Now  
  2. Credit Repair Services : Available Now
  3. Sprint life Alert : Available Now
  4. Life Insurance : Coming Soon 
  5. Family legal protection: Available Now
  6. Identity Theft Protection: Available Now
  7. CPA & Tax services : Coming Soon 
  8. Membership Welcome Packet : Coming Soon 
  9. Fuel Discount card  : Available Now
  10. Factoring service availability : Available Now
  11. CMV CDL Protection Plan : Available Now
  12. Health Insurance: Available Now
  13. Vision Insurance : Available Now
  14. Dental Insurance : Available Now
  15. Financial Adviser & Retirement Consultation Services : Coming Soon 
  16. Family & Holiday Care Packets : Available Now
  17. Access to our Facebook Community : Available Now
  18. PTAG Fundraisers : Available Now

Community: Enjoy a close-knit community of support. In addition to your membership, the entire PTAG family is ready to assist and encourage you on your journey. So after you sign up join our Facebook community here. 

Education: The PTAG provides ongoing health and safety education opportunities through conventions, seminars, newsletters and our Facebook community to keep you informed and assist you in your transportation and wellness progress

Please view the privacy policy we have put into place and in order To join the Professional Truckers Association Group you just have to simply click here. Print And fill out the PTAG membership application. Send the completed application to

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