PTAG Travel gives you the best corporate travel services…Get the responsive, high-touch personal service you expect from a local agency, while enjoying access to the technology, negotiated fares and global support of a Customer service oriented Agency!

Corporate Travel Managment Services :

The Right Partner for Your Business

We work with companies of all sizes, in all industries and across six continents. Chances are we've worked with a business just like yours to help achieve specific business travel goals. We can do the same for you.

We make life easier for Administrative Assistants who have to book trips for multiple executives so these valuable employees spend less time managing travel.

Small Business Travel

Think your small business can’t afford travel management services? When you become a PTAG Travel Management client, you will likely spend less and get more!

Studies have shown that small businesses spend more on travel than large corporations. This is due, in large part, to the fact that most small businesses lack a streamlined travel expense system. At the PTAG we understand the needs of small businesses—in fact, many of our affiliates are small businesses! When you choose us to book your business travel, we can help you track and manage your budget so you can maintain a healthy bottom line.

The PTAG Small Business Travel Advantage

The PTAG is part of a worldwide consortium of travel industry providers. As part of this network, we have access to unadvertised rates and discounts that other agencies simply can’t offer. When you become a corporate travel client, your dedicated agent will work with you to book flights, hotel rooms, transportation, and other services that fit your budget and meet your company’s needs.

Our proprietary online tools give you access to your itineraries, account, reports, and profile details whenever you need them, wherever you are. And if you need after-hours assistance while traveling, we provide that too.

Get Corporate-Level Travel Management for Your Small Business

We serve locally-owned companies all over the nation. Find out why our corporate clients—small, local businesses—trust us to take care of their business travel.


As your business grows, so do its needs, goals, and achievements. When you want to celebrate your team, brainstorm new ideas and opportunities, or reward outstanding performance, the PTAG can help. Ask our agents about:

  • Incentive Travel – A proven way to motivate your team and inspire excellence.
  • Corporate Retreats – Take your management team on a quick getaway to brainstorm and get re-energized.
  • Group Travel – Get your employees more invested in their work by taking them to visit suppliers or materials sources. Or, take off on a celebratory adventure.

Contact a PTAG corporate agent to learn more, or to book your small business travel click here. 

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