Welcome to the Professional Transportation Association Group, and this is our team. Our organization primarily focuses on helping small to mid size trucking / transportation carriers with the products and services they need to be successful. Our marketing and recruiting departments are relentless when it comes to showcasing our clients brand and helping them find the right transportation professionals. 

Ernesto Gutierrez Jr : Chief Executive Officer : Trucking and Transportation 

 Michael Jones : Operations : Trucking Industry 

Frankie Jean Gray : Research and Develpment : Administration 

Caleb Ulberg : Operations : Driver Relations : Trucking Industry : Owner Operator 

Dave Pittman : Operatons : Driver Recruiter : Trucking Industry 

Jim Rieger : Safety Director 

 Francis Robert Chuba : Rideshare operations : Trucking & Transportation Industry. 

PTAG Advisory Committee 

 Joel Barnehama : Senior Advisor : Legal Services 

Andrew Richard Eatough : Senior Advisor : Trucking and Transportation 

Professional Transportation Association Group

Office : 937-601-8749

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