Business Services and Solutions

Thinking about starting a business? You're not alone. Every year, thousands of Americans catch the entrepreneurial spirit, launching small businesses to sell their products or services. Some businesses thrive; many fail. 

Business Services : 

In today's competitive market, small business owners are forced to spend more time in the back office watching the bottom line instead of in the front office growing their business.


Let the PTAG take over the headaches involved in    day-to-day back office operations. With a wide range of services available we can provide all the tools needed to support your small business. Here at the we'll cater your agreements, contracts and other vital documents to fit your needs. Here are just a few of thousands of documents that you need to run your business effectively. 
    • Business Plans 
    • Policies and procedures 
    • Drug & Alcohol Policies 
    • Interview Confidential Disclosure Agreement
    • Consultant Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement 
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement Prospective Licensee
    • Website Design Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • General Non-Compete Agreement
    • And much much more. 


A core component of the PTAG is providing consultation services for the Trucking Industry, Small business owners, owner operators, trucking company staff, student, groups, and organizations on ways to better the transportation industry environment and experience for professional truckers and recent graduating students. Individuals or groups can contact The PTAG to receive consultation on how to address concerns or questions about a variety of issues regarding the trucking industry, new students, groups,or communities. 

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