PTAG Members Only

PTAG Member Benefits and Services 

As a member of the Professional Truckers Association Group you will have access to many benefits and services that support your success as a transportation professional. And don’t forget as a member of the PTAG organization and while in San Antonio, TX you can request a free ride from your location to a destination within the San Antonio area. 

RTS Carrier Services 

Becoming the best discount provider in the transportation industry starts with having the best partners. Industry-leading discounts on diesel at more than 1,000 fuel stations nationwide. 

RTS Carrier Factoring Services 

A professional approach with excellent customer service and were ready to answer all your questions. Easy and fast to do business with us. And we’ll always be there when you need us. 

RTS Carrier Tire and Maintenace Services 

RTS Carrier Services customers will get discounts on maintenance, D.O.T. inspections and more at 44 Boss Shops and 52 Goodyear Commercial Tire locations nationwide.

PTAG Legal Services 

It is an honor to say WELCOME! You're now one of the 4.1 million lives that are empowered and protected every day through LegalShield. Get ready to be amazed at what life is like when you have an entire law firm available to serve and support you.

PTAG Legal Family and CDL Protection Plans

Huge discounts for PTAG members on all their everyday legal life issues. We can also help you protect your CDL license and fight really hard on your behalf to get favorable outcome. Our law firms handle all types of issues, regarding child support, Mortage foreclosures, accidents, trials and so much more. Why hire an attorney to help you for a few days, when you can hire the whole law firm for the rest of your life. 

Professional Consultation Setvices 

Here we like to give our members the best and most resourceful information that they will ever need. We have a tremendous amount of experience in the trucking industry. We’ve surrounded ourselves with so much knowledge and experience. We could consider ourselves a brainstorming institution. Our members can count on us for any type of consultation you may need in helping your business grow and the resources you can use in your life. 

 PTAG Taxes 

We currently offer Tax services with our other affiliated partners and services. But we are currently looking for an independent agent to handle our members questions or concerns. 

RTS Carrier Office Supplies

Discounts of as much as 65% on hundreds of items sold at Office Depot’s 1,100 store locations.

Full Coverage Medical Insurance 

Truckers, Owner Operators and Trucking Companies we know medical insurance can be complicated and good plans difficult to find. Affordacare is here to help. Learn about the changing world of plans, premiums and benefits so you can make an inform decision that’s good and affordable for you and your family.

 Business Protection 

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Document creations and back office solutions 

Let us help you get your business foundation started. Every company needs a tremendous amount of paperwork and documents to start laying the ground work of what you have accomplished. Starting your business is the easy part, protecting yourself with the agreements, contracts, policies and procedures is just the beginning. But rest assured we’ll be here to help along the way. 

 Credit Repair Services 

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