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Best Legal Services in Trucking 

The PTAG Organization continues to provide our members and this Industry with the best legal protections membership packages in trucking. The PTAG strives daily to improve both the quality and variety of our products and services that we provide. Our support of LegalShield is another example of our commitment to help improve the quality of performance in the industry we service. 

We know small business 

Government regulations, human resources, cybersecurity, contract review, and a myriad of other legal matters distract you from focusing on your business. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Have you ever?

  • Thought about writing or revising your Will.
  • Been overcharged for a repair or paid an unfair bill.
  • Had trouble with a warranty or defective product.
  • Signed a contract you didn’t fully understand.
  • Received a moving traffic violation.
  • Had concerns regarding family matters (child support, divorce, adoption). Thought about owning your own business.
  • Said, "Let me speak to your supervisor."
  • Wanted to speak to a lawyer but stopped at the thought of receiving a bill. Worried about being a victim of identity theft.
  • Been concerned about your child’s identity.
  • Lost your wallet.
  • Worried about entering personal information online
  • Feared the security of your medical information.
  • Been pursued by a collection agency for a debt that was not yours. Received notification that you were involved in a breach.

Employee Benefits 90% of working americans don’t have legal protection : 

Identity Theft Protection 

Keep an eye on not only your identity but your kids as well. Unfortunately, a child’s Social Security number can be even more valuable to thieves than an adult’s, since it’s typically squeaky clean. When paired with a fake DOB, it can be the key to an identity heist that often goes undiscovered, sometimes for years. 

Powerful CDL Protection Plans 

Here at the PTAG we know that sometimes, tickets happen. As professional Truckers ourselves we know that you don’t have to be guilty to be charged. At the PTAG we’ve been committed to protecting you from those tickets since 2011. The U.S. economy depends on you to keep it moving. Run with the LegalShield CDL protection plan that understands what you face everyday.

Business Solutions 

Work for yourself but not by yourself. Let the PTAG take over the headaches involved in day-to-day back office operations. With a wide range of services available we can provide all the tools needed to support your small business.

CDL and Family Protection Plans

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