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Small Business Plan :


Government regulations, human resources, cybersecurity, contract review, and a myriad of other legal matters distract you from focusing on your business. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Attorneys can charge $250/hour or more. With LegalShield, you can access timely legal advice without high hourly fees or guesswork, all at an affordable cost. Thousands of small businesses across the United States and Canada use the LegalShield network of  experienced law firms to help address the day-to-day legal issues that come with owning a business. In addition, Small Business Plan customers enjoy a 25% discount for matters not covered in the plan.

Ready to learn more? View the video on our Small Business Plans, or use the link below to find a plan that works for your business.

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ID Shield Plan :

Keep an eye on not only your identity but your kids as well. Unfortunately, a child’s Social Security number can be even more valuable to thieves than an adult’s, since it’s typically squeaky clean. When paired with a fake DOB, it can be the key to an identity heist that often goes undiscovered, sometimes for years, because children generally have no reason to check their credit. Here at the PTAG we're looking out for you and your children's identity. Click here to learn more. 

Commercial Drivers Legal Plan :

Here at the PTAG we know that sometimes, tickets happen. As professional Truckers ourselves we know that you don’t have to be guilty to be charged. At the PTAG we’ve been committed to protecting you from those tickets since 2011. That’s more than enough to time to specialize and become experts at what we do. You might say it’s our specialty, but really, it’s our passion. The U.S. economy depends on you to keep it moving. Run with the LegalShield CDL protection plan that understands what you face everyday.

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