PTAG Trucking

The PTAG Organization has partnered up with 10PL Global Inc to bring to you the best Lease Purchase program and opportunities for Owner Operators with their own operating authority in the trucking industry. 

Do you want to be your own boss, do you have dreams of owning your own trucking company one day. Or do you want to be a professional truck driver. Either way we’ll help you get there. Our opportunities are endless and our lease purchase program is the best in the trucking industry

We will not only help you purchase your truck but we’ll help you grow your fleet. we have so much freight in our network, that you will not be disappointed. you will not be sitting at the truck stops, well keep you moving either regional so that your closer to home or long haul where you can spread those wings and watch your trucking company grow.

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Created by Ernesto Gutierrez jr