Hey, truckers, we know that finding the perfect pair of jeans is almost impossible.  There’s so much to consider:  the fit, your build, the level of distress, which pairs can be worn to which occasion and if they’ll need altered.  Ugh!  It’s enough to make you to give up shopping entirely.  


These amazing "Truckerz" jeans are made of soft-stretchy denim, they have no button, zipper or tags, the waistband is soft elastic making them comfortable around your waist especially while driving, they’re easy to pull up and down, they have a mock fly and belt loops and a variety of jean options.  You can throw away those sweatpants.

Well, you can stop hunting, we’ve found the perfect pair of jeans to fit your lifestyle.  They look great and are the most comfortable jeans you’ll own.  

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Karen Bowersox President/FounderNBZ Apparel Int,
Created by Ernesto Gutierrez jr