Professional Transportation Association Group 


Welcome to The PTAG organization and we area one of the prestigious transportation firms in the trucking industry. Generally, the foundation of our offerings is strategy consulting, but our firm offers a surprisingly broad range of services. Our Mission is to Empower You so that you can succeed in the Trucking and Transportation Industry. 


Do you want to be your own boss, do you have dreams of owning your own trucking company one day. Or do you want to be a professional truck driver. Either way we’ll help you get there. If you’re a small business and you need help you’ve come to the right place our team of trucking and transportation professionals can help you put together a game plan that will take your company to another level. 


We design experiences that bring your brand story to life and accelerate growth through new products, services, and business models. Let the PTAG take over the headaches involved in day to day back office operations. With a wide range of services available we can provide all the tools needed to support your small business. Here at the PTAG we'll cater your agreements, contracts and other vital documents to fit your needs.


A core component of the PTAG is providing consultation services for the Trucking Industry, Small business owners, owner operators, trucking company staff, student, groups, and organizations on ways to better the transportation industry environment and experience for professional truckers and recent graduating students. Individuals or groups can contact us anytime. You can receive consultation services on how to address concerns or questions about a variety of issues regarding the trucking industry for new students, groups, or communities. We ignite transformational change. We can also make the invisible, visible, By helping leaders see the hidden culture problems that are hindering performance.


PTAG Members 

Welcome to the PTAG organization and with the rising costs of memberships at other organizations and the high prices at many retailers. Offering a free membership from the PTAG is a good thing. 

PTAG Mission 

Here at the PTAG organization, we want to thank you for your interest and helping build a legacy and thank you for wanting to help young men and women from falling victim to homelessness. The PTAG organization is committed to helping people that want to become transportation professionals. Our mission here at the PTAG is simple, to get the resources together so that we can train less fortunate individuals by giving them an opportunity in the Trucking and Transportation industry. We’ll teach them everything there is to know about a commercial motor vehicle and how to operate it safely and efficiently.